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Activity goals: Increasing the energy efficiency of street lighting and reducing electricity consumption. Reduction of direct municipal expenditures for street lighting. Providing better living conditions and access to public services. Description: The activity envisages implementation of energy saving measures

Replacing of the street lighting with energy efficient lighting. Implementation of the Intelligent Street LED Management and Monitoring System and Construction of an autonomous Photovoltaic system – detailed and justified under the Energy Efficiency Audit Report and the Work Design – for the Eligible for financing under the Procedure activities.

The main activities that will be implemented are:


Delivery and installation of 16W and 32W LEDs


Dismantling of the old lighting fixtures;


Construction of the autonomous photovoltaic system, which is a series and parallel connected photovoltaic cells;


Construction of the smart Street Lighting System with full monitoring and control at the level of individual luminaire for the city of Varna through a web platform based on cloud services for management, control and monitoring of the street luminaries, equipped with the relevant communication modules, which provides information about all the accompanying processes. The new street luminaries are equipped with the appropriate communication modules and will be connected to the already existing City Touch system. It will allow remote control of street lighting management software, incl. the so-called Light Accounting Software.